- First, you must be a member of our system.

-For membership you can click the " Register" button or " HERE" at the top right of the page.

- After determining the amount of your preferred products and checking the price of various products by clicking on the " Add to Cart" button you add products to your shopping cart. The purpose of the shopping cart system is to save the customer from the purchase of fixed products and compulsory single items.

- After passing the selection stage, you can see the price and other information about the products you want to buy by clicking on the basket icon. At the same time, you can change the amount of products, you can delete the basket, you can continue shopping if you wish.

-Product prices and amount information includes VAT.

- Your preferred products in two different ways;

- You can purchase by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Once you have entered your address information, you can pay in one of two ways. After the selection, the detail screen according to the payment method is displayed. After entering and confirming the requested information, you complete your purchase.

- If your payment method is Credit Card;

-When you approve the purchase, the data is sent to the mechanism on which the banks receiving or paying the payment through a special pass-through link on the net approve or reject the transaction. If your credit card information is appropriate and correct, your order will be accepted. The price of the products you order will be delivered to us via the bank or institution we have agreed. If the purchase is completed successfully, the consumer will receive an e-mail regarding his order. The purchased product is delivered by the authorized cargo company or bus company authorities we have previously agreed to the person who will take the order in return for showing his identity information.

-If your payment method is Bank Transfer;
At the end of the purchase process, the system will automatically inform you of the relevant progress, and after we have approved it, your order information will be sent to you.

- After your order is approved, you can get the necessary information from the order details.

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